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API 2000: Venting Atmospheric and Low

Low-Pressure Storage Tanks, Fifth Edition, April 1998 ERRATA On page 8, Formula lB, the key for L should read as follows: L = latent heat of vaporization of the stored liquid at the relieving pressure and temperature injoules/kilogram (J/kg). On page 20L =

Latent heat storage device for cooling purposes

A latent heat-storage device for cooling purposes includes a non-deformable closed container, US Patent References: 4193271 Air conditioning system having controllably coupled thermal storage capability 1980-03-18 Honigsbaum 62/437 Primary Examiner:


2106 Patent Subject Matter Eligibility [R-10.2019] I. TWO CRITERIA FOR SUBJECT MATTER ELIGIBILITY First, the claimed invention must be to one of the four statutory categories. 35 U.S.C. 101 defines the four categories of invention that Congress deemed to be the appropriate subject matter of a patent: processes, machines, manufactures and compositions of matter.

Latent heat storage capacity of NiTi shape memory alloy

2021/1/19The largest amount of latent heat of the martensitic transformation in nickel titanium shape memory alloy was explored. The measured amounts of heat in the alloys with different compositions between 48.0 at.% Ni and 51.0 at.% Ni were compared. The largest amounts of $$-$$ - 37.8 J/g in absorption and 34.8 J/g in emission were obtained as the averaged values of several samples with

US 20200097951Al c19) United States c12) Patent Application Publication

2020/3/26Patent Application Publication 2001150) Compute Resource Memory Compute Resource Memory Mar. 26, 2020 Sheet 2 of 8 210 210 Communication Network FIG. 2 US 2020/0097951 Al 210 Compute Resource Memory 220 230 ComQute Resource, I Memory 1 I

Adhesives with latent reactivity for identification documents

Stable during storage masses or layers of latent reactivity described in international application WO 93/25599. Such masses or layers consist of reactive towards isocyanate polymers with a melting point above 40C and surface-deactivated polyisocyanates.

Project Profile: Encapsulated Phase Change Material in

2021/4/20Large numbers of these PCM capsules provide high-heat transfer surface and store heat as sensible and latent heat of fusion of salt. The capsules with different PCMs inside the shell are stacked inside a single tank to provide a cascaded storage to effectively use the latent heat of fusion of salts over the solar collection temperature range.

Thermal Energy Harvest and Reutilization by the

Utilizing a newly programmed and synthesized heat storage mesogen (HSM) and reactive mesogen (RM), advanced heat managing polymer alloys that exhibit high thermal conductivity, high latent heat, and phase transition at high temperatures were developed for use as smart thermal energy harvesting and reutilization materials. The RM in the heat-managing RM–HSM polymer alloy was polymerized to

The Direct Conversion of Heat to Electricity Using

1. Introduction While the goal of discovering a material that is both strongly ferroelectric and strongly ferromagnetic remains elusive, numerous other interesting multiferroic materials are emerging. 1-9 A particularly fertile area for discovery are crystalline materials having a big first order phase transformation, but with no diffusion. 10 Multiferroic properties like polarization or

(PDF) Salt hydrates as latent heat storage

Thermal energy storage is considered as one the most perspective technologies for increasing the efficiency of energy conversion processes and effective utilization of available sources of heat. Advantages and technical attractiveness of the thermal

Solar Thermoelectricity via Advanced Latent Heat

Many potential solutions exist, but latent heat thermal energy storage shows particularly high potential for low cost grid scale energy storage. In this paper, we present the design and initial experimental results for a lab-scale prototype of a novel latent heat thermal storage system.

Systematic review on the use of heat pipes in latent heat

2020/12/1The latent TES with heat pipes was experimentally assessed in vertical and horizontal position. The device supplied 2.8 thermal kW at 750 C when vertical. At horizontal position the system provided 5.7 thermal kW at 800C. [94,98] 2017-2018 Aluminium-silicon

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The passive vaccine storage device enables vaccines to be kept cold for over 30 days without power, especially if a US Patent Search proves it to be a unique idea capable of having a patent granted to it. Posted by Darryl E 2020 at 04:23 PM EST #

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Heat exchange 166 Wells 168 Farriery 169 Fire extinguishers 171 Unearthing plants or buried objects Class Number and Title 172 light, thermal, and electrical application 623 Prosthesis (i.e., artificial body members), parts thereof, or aids and accessories


The core-sheath nanofiber films, moreover, possessed the highest latent heat of 58.25 J/g and solidifying enthalpy of –56.49 J/g. In addition, we found that after 200 thermal cycles, there was little change in latent heat, which demonstrated that it is beneficial for the PW-loaded core-sheath structure to overcome the leakage issue and enhance thermal stability properties for the


A latent heat storage system includes at least one latent heat storage device which contains a storage medium with latent heat, at least one heat pump coupled to the latent heat storage device, at least one extraction circuit which has a first heat carrier medium

Adhesives with latent reactivity for identification documents

Stable during storage masses or layers of latent reactivity described in international application WO 93/25599. Such masses or layers consist of reactive towards isocyanate polymers with a melting point above 40C and surface-deactivated polyisocyanates.

US Patent for Modular latent heat thermal energy storage

1. A device for latent heat storage, the device comprising: a thermally insulating sleeve enveloping a plurality of heat storage modules, each heat storage module comprising: a) a conduit to supply a heat transfer fluid, the conduit having a first end and a second end

Energy Storage Training

Energy Storage Training The obvious benefit of energy storage is that it enables the increased use of renewable electricity. But studies show there are also many other benefits as well: Security: A more efficient grid that is more resistant to disruptions. Environment: Decreased carbon dioxide emissions from a greater use of clean electricity.

Processing Guide for Developing Latent Prints

Processing Guide for Developing Latent Prints (2000) 1 Introduction The identification of latent print evidence is often key in solving a crime. A latent print results from the reproduction of friction ridges found on parts of the fingers, hands, and feet. These prints consist

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Performance modeling and techno

article{osti_1430820, title = {Performance modeling and techno-economic analysis of a modular concentrated solar power tower with latent heat storage}, author = {Rea, Jonathan E. and Oshman, Christopher J. and Olsen, Michele L. and Hardin, Corey L. and Glatzmaier, Greg C. and Siegel, Nathan P. and Parilla, Philip A. and Ginley, David S. and Toberer, Eric S.}, abstractNote = {In this paper, we

Heat recovery ventilation

Heat recovery ventilation (HRV), also known as mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR), is an energy recovery ventilation system which works between two sources at different temperatures. Heat recovery is a method which is increasingly used to reduce the heating and cooling demands (and thus energy costs) of buildings. By recovering the


An experimental study is presented examining the preparation and characterization of a smart gypsum composite board for thermal comfort building application. Composite boards were prepared by mixing 1–30% by weight nano-encapsulated n-octadecane phase change material (PCM) with gypsum to develop gypsum-based building materials with thermal energy storage (TES) capability.

Phase Change Material (PCM) Microcapsules for Thermal

Compared to sensible heat, latent heat storage is a more efficient method and provides a much higher energy density with a smaller temperature difference between storing and releasing heat [8, 9]. Phase change materials (PCMs), also called latent heat storage materials, can store/release a large amount of energy through forming and breaking molecular bonds [ 10 – 12 ].

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